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FBiH Government marks 74th anniversary of Igman Konjic

Konjic, March 6, 2024 - The delegation of the Government of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, headed by Prime Minister Nermin Nikšić, yesterday marked the 74th anniversary of the existence of one of the key enterprises of military industry in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina "Igman" Konjic.

A delegation from the Government of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, led by Prime Minister Nermin Nikšić (SDP), visited the Igman defense industry company today on the occasion of its 74th anniversary. According to the FBiH Government, the delegation also included Minister of Development, Entrepreneurship, and Crafts Vojin Mijatović (SDP), Minister of Energy, Mining, and Industry Vedran Lakić (SDP), and Minister for Displaced Persons and Refugees Nerin Dizdar (SDP).

They held talks with the CEO Đahid Muratbegović and the company's executive directors and toured the company's production facilities, which are predominantly owned by the FBiH. The delegation was briefed on new technologies enabling continued development and competitiveness. Entity representatives pledged continued support in all processes, noting ample room for progress, modernization, and improved operations.

"After the Government session today, we took the opportunity to visit a company celebrating 74 years, which is truly an impressive milestone. Particularly impressive are the business results. Of course, as a person from Konjic, I must express special pride because 'Igman' and the defense industry are the backbone of this city's development," said Prime Minister Nikšić.

He added that besides the people working at Igman and their families directly connected to the company, there are numerous suppliers operating in Konjic, contributing to the city's advancement.

"As the majority owner, from the Government's perspective, I must say we are satisfied with Igman's achievements. We are here to jointly create prospects and opportunities for additional contracts and jobs, although Igman is already capacitated. Together with co-owners and shareholders, we will discuss future activities and create prospects for Igman to remain the cornerstone of Konjic's development, the defense industry of the FBiH, and, I dare say, Bosnia and Herzegovina," concluded Nikšić.

Director Muratbegović also stated that Igman Konjic, in its 74 years of existence, has been the backbone of Konjic's development, building its business on the philosophy that trust and success are achieved by respecting market laws and uncompromisingly fulfilling contracted obligations.

"The company still has much to be proud of today, primarily with 1,400 employees who have made Konjic a modern city through their work. To the workers, who are Igman's greatest asset, I extend my sincerest congratulations on the anniversary, along with a message to remain committed to production and distribution according to defined quality standards in the years ahead, and to continue preserving and developing our factory," said Muratbegović.

Mayor Osman Ćatić (SDA) of Konjic also attended today's anniversary celebration of Igman, as announced by the FBiH Government.

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