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“Igman” d.d. Konjic - Signed Agreement of employer and workers

The provisions of the Collective Agreement on the Rights and Obligations of Employers and Workers for the Activity of Production and Processing of Metals in the FB&H (“Official Gazette of the Federation B&H”, No. 63/21; August 11th 2021 ), will be applied in the defence industry company “Igman” d.d. Konjic from the October 1st 2021.

The Agreement was signed by Đahid Muratbegović, General Manager of “Igman” d.d. Konjic and by Sejo Bubalo president of “Igman’s” Trade Union.

The Agreement regulates the rights and obligations of the employer and workers of "Igman" d.d. Konjic in terms of working hours, work obligations, vacation, salaries, transportation of workers, a meal for the workers, severance pay and rewards.

According to Trade Union representatives, implementation of signed Agreement will significantly improve the status of employees in the company. “The hourly wages has been increased from the previous 3.10 BAM to 3.5 BAM, which will now bring the lowest net salary to 790 BAM. Also, the compensation for overtime and night work, work non-working days and holidays has been increased, as well as the amount of compensation for the keep on alert, maternity leave has been regulated ", said Sejo Bubalo, the president of the Trade Union.

"Signed Agreement is another confirmation of mutual respect between the Management of Igman and the Trade Union. We always emphasize that workers are the greatest wealth of the company and it is up to the management to responsibly implement all legal solutions and agreements concerning the rights of employees ", said “Igman’s” General Manager Đahid Muratbegović.


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